Our Social Responsibility

Here at La Caddé, we are aware of our corporate social responsibility (CSR). That's why we not only want to make your life more beautiful with our lifestyle products, but also contribute in other ways to helping people live a good and happy life. To achieve this, basic needs must be covered, on the one hand: for instance, we all need clean water, healthy food, and sufficient sleep. On the other hand, we flourish as human beings when we experience affection and appreciation.

Investing in the future of children

Children in particular can benefit from positive and supportive living conditions in order to thrive and develop their full potential in life. Children are the world’s future – and in this future, we want to invest. And this is why we have picked a few projects that we think are worthy of support and that also or especially focus their efforts on children and young people.

Let's do some good together

With 5% of the purchase price of all our products, we support organizations that are committed to improving the lives of children long-term. We want to help them develop into healthy and happy members of society. Below, you will find the projects we currently support.

With your help, La Caddé can make children's lives a little better. Thank you for doing your bit!

Projects and organizations that are currently being supported directly whenever you purchase La Caddé products:

Viva con Agua

Viva con Agua de Sankt Pauli e. V.

Water is a human right – there is no doubt about it. Our body is largely made up of water, which makes it essential for a person’s healthy development to have access to enough fluids. However, it is not only important to have “just” water, but also to have CLEAN water. Clean water provides us with hygiene and is necessary for building a healthy and functioning society – and together we can do our part.

This is why La Caddé supports Viva con Agua.

La Caddé


La Caddé ist mehr als eine Marke - La Caddé ist #impact4life
Danke, dass Du dabei bist!

Projekte und Organisationen, die aktuell von Dir beim Kauf von La-Caddé-Produkten direkt unterstützt werden: